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2012 KAIST Mathh Colloquium
  Speaker   Seo, Jinkeun    
  Date 2012-04-12
  Place KAIST
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Abstract : Recently, imaging techniques in science, engineering and medicine have evolved to expand our ability to visualize internal information of an object such as the human body. In particular, there has been marked progress in electromagnetic property imaging techniques where cross-sectional image reconstructions of conductivity, permittivity and susceptibility distributions inside the human body are pursued. They will widen applications of imaging methods in medicine, biotechnology, non-destructive testing, monitoring of industrial process and others.
This lecture focuses on mathematical modeling and analysis on electromagnetic tissue property imaging. The imaging problems can be formulated as inverse problems that are intrinsically nonlinear, and finding solutions with practical significance and value requires deep understanding of underlying physical phenomenon (Maxwell's equations) with data acquisition systems as well as implementation details of image reconstruction algorithms. We will explain strategies dealing with these complicated structures using a simple linear algebra.