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2007년 KSIAM 봄 학술대회
  Speaker   Baek, Sangkyu  
  Date 2007-05-25
  Place KAIST
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Abstract : We investigate how much power saving can be achieved for a PTT service by employing IEEE802.16e with sleep mode and idle mode. Sleep mode and idle mode operations in the IEEE802.16e standard provide with power saving mechanisms for mobile stations. A mobile stationwith PTT functionalities employs sleep mode during a session and idle mode during off-sessionis modelled as a semi-Markov chain. We obtain power consumption ratio, session power consumptionratio, sleep mode power consumption ratio, call setup delay and talker arbitrationdelay. Using our mathematical model, we can find the optimal system parameters such as thesleep window which minimize the power consumption of the mobile station while satisfyingthe required QoS on call setup delay and talker arbitration delay. The numerical examples showthat the sleep mode and idle mode provide a considerable reduction on energy of mobile station.