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2007년 KSIAM 봄 학술대회
  Speaker   Lee, Jeehyun  
  Date 2007-05-25
  Place KAIST
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Abstract : A commercial breast cancer detection system called T-Scan produces trans-admittance images(Neumann data) of breast tissues using a scan probe with a planar array of electrodes. Thedetection of a lesion in TAS is based on the difference between the trans-admittance data ofthe presence of anomaly and the absence of anomaly. However, the trans-admittance data ofthe absence of anomaly is not available in practice. To deal with this problem, we developed amulti-frequency trans-admittance scanner (TAS) for probing anomalies underneath a planar arrayof 320 electrodes from the frequency difference of the trans-admittance data.We present themathematical analysis and numerical experiments showing the feasibility of multi-frequency lesiondetection. Using the developed TAS system and saline phantoms, we conducted frequencydifferenceexperiments.