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2007년 KSIAM 봄 학술대회
  Speaker   Jang, Sumi  
  Date 2007-05-26
  Place KAIST
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Abstract : We present the 4-point Gaussian based non-stationary interpolatory subdivision scheme whichapproximates the given data in the span of translations for the Gaussian function with the parameter¸. Different choice for the parameter leads to a different set of masks. The sequenceof the refinable functions converges to the refinable function for the 4-point Deslauriers-Dubucscheme in Lp(0 < p · 1). Using the subdivision mask as the lowpass filter, we constructthe non-stationary biorthogonal Multiresolution Analysis(MRA) which has the approximationorder of 4. Then we derive the corresponding non-stationary biorthogonal wavelet system. Theresulting scaling functions and the wavelets are symmetric and compactly supported.