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The 4th Korea Toric Topology Winter Workshop
  Speaker Hyun Woong Cho
  Date 2016-12-29
  Place The unipark of Jeju national university
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Abstract : The Buchstaber invariants s(K) is defined to be the maximum integer for which there is a subtorus of dimension s(K) acting freely on moment angle complex Z_K associated with a finite simplicial complex K. We can define real Buchstaber invariants sR(K) as a real version. When K is a (m−p−1) skeleton of (m−1) dimensional simplex, say K = ∆m-1m-p-1 , we can find the values of sR(K) by solving integer linear programming. In this case, the condition for sR(K) ≥ k is given by some nice formula. However, this formula holds when a certain condition is satisfied. This condition come from the dual problem of integer linear programming. Additionally, I will talk about the (pre)periodicity of the real Buchstaber invariants in some sense.