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해외 석학 특별강연 시리즈
  Speaker   Mladen Bestvina    
  Date 2017-05-02
  Place KAIST
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Abstract : Probabilistic methods in geometric group theory have recently gained in importance. In the course I will focus on the setting where a countable group G acts on a (possibly nonproper) Gromov hyperbolic space X. Examples include a mapping class group acting on the associated curve complex, or Out(F_n) acting on the complex of free factors, or a group acting on the contact graph of a CAT(0) cube complex it acts on. Under minor assumptions, Maher-Tiozzo show that a random walk on G, projected to X, almost surely converges to a point in the Gromov boundary of X. I will discuss the proof of this theorem. As an application, we will see that "generic" elements of mapping class groups are pseudo-Anosov, and (following Horbez) we will give a random walk proof of the classical theorem of Ivanov classifying subgroups of mapping class groups.