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2018 KAIX School in PDE
  Speaker   Tatsuo Iguchi    
  Date 2018-06-27
  Place KAIST
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Abstract : We consider the initial value problem to the Isobe-Kakinuma model for water waves.
As was shown by J. C. Luke, the water wave problem has a variational structure. By approximating the velocity potential in Luke's Lagrangian, we obtain an approximate La- grangian for water waves. The Isobe-Kakinuma model is a corresponding Euler-Lagrange equation for the approximate Lagrangian. In this talk, we rst explain a structure of the Isobe-Kakinuma model and then justify the model rigorously as a higher order shallow water approximation by giving an error estimate between the solutions of the model and of the full water wave problem. It is revealed that the Isobe-Kakinuma model is a much more precise model than the well-known Green-Naghdi equations.