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The 5th Korea Toric Topology Winter Workshop
  Speaker   Eunjeong Lee  
  Date 2019-01-23
  Place Gyeongju, K- Hotel
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Abstract : Let G be a complex semisimple simply connected algebraic group of rank
r. Let i = (i1; i2; : : : ; in) 2 [r]n be a word decomposition, and let ` =
(`1; : : : ; `n) be a sequence of non-negative integers. Grossberg and Karshon
introduced a virtual lattice polytope associated to i and `, called a twisted
cube, whose lattice points encode characters of representations of B. More
precisely, counted lattice points in twisted cube with sign according to a
density function, one get the character of the generalized Demazure module
associated to i and `. We introduce the notion of hesitant connected `-
walks and then prove that the associated Grossberg{Karshon twisted cube
is a closed convex polytope precisely when i is a hesitant-connected-`-walkavoiding.