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KSIAM 2006 Annual Meeting
  Speaker   Jeon, Wonju  
  Date 2006-11-24
  Place 건국대학교
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Abstract : This paper provides a Wiener-Hopf analysis of acoustic diffration by a finite plate focusingon the acquisition of higher order series solution and its physical interpretation to understandthe finite diffraction phenomena in the presence of fluid convection. The formulationprocedure starts with the use of Prandtl-Glauert transform to elliminate the complexity due tothe effect of fluid convection and then a simple Helmholtz equation is derived. On theboundary condition, since Neumann and Dirichlet ones are imposed along the plate line inmixed type, generalized Fourier transform and Wiener-Hopf technique ars used to establishconcise and exact integral equations in complex domain. The complete solution is obtained bya series one whose eigenfunctions are generalized gamma functions. Here, we derived a newand exact expression of this special function whose argument is ‘integer + 1/2’ adequate tomathematical theory of diffraction. Finally, by exact and asymptotic evaluations of inverseFourier transforms, the scattered and total acoustic fields are visualized in physicaldomain and each term of the solution is physically interpreted as (i) semi-infinite leadingedge scattering, (ii) trailing-edge correction and (iii) interaction between leading andtrailing edges, respectively.