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KSIAM 2006 Annual Meeting
  Speaker   Jeong, Byeongseon  
  Date 2006-11-25
  Place 건국대학교
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Abstract : Multiresolution analysis (MRA) based construction of the tight wavelet frames using fewergenerators with symmetricity and compact support is one of the most important matters intheory and application where the redundant function representation is necessary. Especially,those wavelet frames associated with the interpolatory MRA are of interest. However, thereis only one such MRA, generated by the piecewise linear B-spline refinable function. As anextension, this paper presents a class of anti- or symmetric tight wavelet frames with compactsupport based on the quasi-interpolatory MRA. The wavelet frames are constructed from thequasi-interpolatory subdivision masks whose refinable functions reproduce polynomials up tocertain degree. Essentially two wavelet frame generators with the three times oversamplingframelet transform are employed to reduce the shift variance of the discrete framelet transformand to increase the redundancy of the frequency sampling. The framelet transform can filterthe exact intermediate frequency band between low and high frequencies, which guaranteesthe ternary frequency scales. Applications to signal and image denoising and erasure recoveryrevealing these properties of the wavelet frames are provided.