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NIMS Workshop and Minicourse :Mathematical Analysis, Numerics and Application in fluid and gas dynamics'
  Speaker   Jaiok Roh  
  Date 2009-02-03
  Place KAIST
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Abstract : For the Navier-Stokes flow with zero velocity at infinity, spatial and temporal decays have been studied for various domains. Also, concerning to the flow with nonzero constant velocity at infinity, the temporal stability has been studied in Lp spaces, p ≥ 3, by Enomoto and Shibata. In this talk, we first extend Enomoto and Shibata's result to the case p < 3, and obtain better estimates for p ≥ 3, then obtain the weighted stability for the steady solutions. Moreover, we will look at shortly the weighted stability inside and outside the wake created by the flow with nonzero constant velocity at infinity.