Title   name
The 5th Korea Toric Topology Winter Workshop
2018 KAIST-HKUST-NUS Joint Workshop in Mathematics : Analysis, PDE and Probability
2018 KAIX School in PDE
2018 KAIX School in Topology
Geometric Topology Fair 2017
The 4th Korea Toric Topology Winter Workshop
Harmony of Real and Complex Algebraic Geometry
2016 Syzygies, exterior algebras, coherent sheaf cohomology and applications workshop
2016 Combinatorics Workshop (2016 조합론 학술대회)
2016 CMC Distinguished Lecture by Mladen Bestvina
2016 KAIST CMC Mathematical Biology Conference on Kinetic models and traveling wave phenomenon in mathematical biology
Workshop on algebraic surfaces and moduli
Knots and Spatial Graphs 2015
1st Korean Workshop on Graph Theory
2015 KAIST CMC Mathematical Biology Conference on Cross-Diffusion, Chemotaxis, and Related Problems
2015 Fudan - Kaist Workshop on Algebra and Geometry
2015 Advanced School on Algebric Geometry
2015 Pre- School on Algebric Geometry
2014 KAIST CMC Annual Distinguished Lecture
2014 KAIST CMC Discreth Math Workshop
Workshop on Harmonic Analysis and Partial Differential Equations
2014 KAIST-FUDAN Workshop on Analysis and Applied Mathematics
(ICM 2014 Satellite conference) Topology of torus actions and applications to geometry and combinatorics
The 2nd Number theory workshop
2014 대한수학회 봄 연구발표회
KAIST CMC School on Algebraic Geometry
The 3rd Number Theory Festival
12th Korea-Japan Workshop on Algebra and Combinatorics (KJ2014)
수학원리응용센터 출범기념 국제포럼
2013 KMRS Symposium on Algebraic Geometry
2013 대한수학회 정기총회 및 가을 연구발표회
2013 NIMS-KMRS PDE Conference on reaction diffusion equations for ecology and related problems
The 17th International Workshop on Differential Geometry
KAIST- NIMS 의료영상 워크샵
The Asian Mathematical conference 2013 (AMC 2013)
2013 KAIST Winter School on Algebraic Geometry
Korea PDE School #3
2013 Korea Toric Topology Winter Worksohp
Hot Topics International Workshop on The Mathematics of Materials Science : Liquid Crystals and Related Topics
Hot Topic Workshop on Fuzzy Theory and Applications
Seoul-Tokyo Conference Elliptic and Parabolic PDEs and Related Topics
2012 KIAS International Conference on Coding Theory and Applications
The 16th International Workshop on Differential Geometry
L-functions and Arithmetic
2012 대한수학회 정기총회 및 가을 연구발표회
Knots and Spatial Graphs 2012
The 10th KAIST Geometric Topology Fair
NIMS Summer School on 암호여름학교 2012
Stochastic Partial Differential Equations and the Related Fields.